One Platform To Track & Optimize Your
Marketing Channels: CPC, CPL, Affiliate.
( and Customer Referrals too )

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Realtime Affiliate & CPC Tracking

CampaignEQ combines the FOUR most important components of any performance marketing program:

Sophisticated attribution made simple. Real numbers, no missing leads or sales. No missing traffic channels.

Custom Short Links For All Your Marketing Campaigns

Never use Bitly again. Use as many custom domains as you like.

LTV Analysis by Product, Campaign, Affiliate, Traffic Source

For e-commerce companies, LTV is one of the most important drivers in pricing ad spend.

Cohort Analysis & Segmentation

Use our easy cohort analysis to understand your visitors at a granular level. Which keywords are they following from paid search? Which ad units are they viewing? How do male vs female visitors convert?

Powerful Reporting & Search

Quickly and easily verify any conversion from any traffic source by IP, referral domain, affiliate.

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Plans starting at $19*

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Happy Customers

  • Poler Outdoor Stuff, CampaignEQ Customer Testimonial
    "CampaignEQ helped build our e-commerce affiliate program from the ground up. Their system saved our marketing budget several times over."
    Benji Wagner, Poler Outdoor Stuff
  • Cult Cosmetics, CampaignEQ Customer Review
    "We've never seen a SaaS company ship new features so quickly, with no downtime, no bugs."
    Stefan Wrobel, Cult Cosmetics
  • StyleSaint, CampaignEQ Customer Review
    "We just love the simplicity, and as our program has become more complex, we're very impressed with the feature set."
    Brian Garrett, StyleSaint

CampaignEQ Provides Attribution Solutions for:

Finally understand the LTV of your customers across each channel of your performance marketing program that includes paid mailing, CPA, CPL, CPC, affiliate and custom publisher deals.

Lifetime Value (LTV) vs Average Order Value (AOV)

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